No long-term contracts

Because we believe in putting you in control.

Most banks offer a ‘factoring’ service, which on the surface looks similar to what we do. They’ll clear your invoices to unblock your cashflow, but the big difference is they’ll insist on funding all your invoices.

Their factoring agreements mean they have more control over your business.

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No credit checks

Because we believe every business deserves the chance to grow.

Unlike banks and other lenders, we don’t require the lowdown on your business’s finances before we decide whether we’ll pay you.

Not only do these checks take precious time (three weeks on average), they also restrict many businesses from growing when they don’t meet the criteria.

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Complete control of our capital

Because we want to say yes.

You’ll find other companies offering a similar ‘selective invoice finance’ service to us, but there’s still one big difference between our organisation and theirs: most other companies are brokers, which means they will refer you to other financial institutions.

At Jardine Norton, we are a principal funder, which means we have complete control over our capital and every decision we make. We don’t require security and personal guarantees from you, and you won’t find any nasty catches in our process, just the money you need without the risk.

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One Simple Fee

We believe in being transparent.

Banks and other lenders can charge up to 20 separate fees; we charge only one, which varies according to the size of your invoice and your payment terms. You’ll know what that fee is before signing the agreement.

So while others may look cheaper, you’ll often end up paying the same, or more, for their services, with more nasty surprises along the way.

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