With productivity slowing and the global marketplace becoming more competitive, a scheme being developed by Meggitt PLC promises to help SMEs develop their export strategies.

Many SMEs resist exporting their goods or services due to concerns over legislation, process and inherent costs. While these concerns are legitimate and do need to be considered, it’s also true that many businesses restrict their potential growth by not looking at export markets. As he explains in this article, Ian Bouquet-Taylor feels this may be damaging the UK’s competitiveness on a global scale, with growth in productivity now at its lowest levels for over a century.

It’s for this reason that Meggitt have launched a scheme to help mentor companies through the process of opening their products to the global market. The scheme promises to help companies build a ‘viable, safe process to sell their goods outside our shores’.

In less than certain times, this seems like a proactive step in the right direction. Read more about the scheme here.

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