20 Million Pounds

Since we began structuring international trade deals we have helped dozens of UK businesses enter new overseas markets, financing trades to markets as diverse as Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Switzerland.

The opportunities this has opened up for the companies involved have helped them significantly increase their profits and customer base.

Next year, as part of our commitment to help boost the economy in our home country of Wales, we are setting aside £5m per quarter exclusively to finance trades of Welsh export businesses.

We strongly believe that the opportunities for Welsh businesses to export are huge, with core industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and of course, Welsh food products in high demand around the world.

Our intention is that this injection of capital can help more Welsh businesses profit from overseas trade and thrive in a post-Brexit economy. Because we are unshackled by the same restrictions as many banks, we are able to make decisions and structure trade deals quickly, helping businesses realise their export goals with a minimum of frustration.

We are also able to finance trades to more markets than the majority of other providers. A recent deal we helped structure between a Welsh landmine clearance company and Pakistan had been held up by the banks for more than two years. Businesses can use our trade finance to become first movers in emerging markets.

For more information about our commitment to growing Welsh Export, and to enquire about how your business can benefit, contact us on 02921  679670 or email enquiries@jardinenorton.com.

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