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Selling your goods or services overseas is a proven, effective way to grow your business.

But so many companies don’t take this opportunity.

The reason is often down to the risk and uncertainty exporting involves. The wait for payment on export invoices can be as long as 180 days, which can lead to frustrating cash flow hold up. In some cases you may actually lose profit on the transaction.

What’s more, it can be much harder to determine the reliability of a customer based overseas. Incidents of ‘bad debt’ – where your customer doesn’t pay – are far more common in international transactions.

At Jardine Norton, our unique Hexagon system removes the risk from exporting.

We make it simple for businesses like yours to navigate new markets and realise your potential.

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Instant Funding on your Export Invoices

No credit checks.

Your credit history does not affect our decision to fund your export invoices. We are free to say yes quickly and in most cases will get your money in your account within 24 hours.

No securities.

In many cases, the amount a business can ask for in funding is limited by the size of guarantee they can provide. This naturally restricts a company’s growth. What’s more it puts a business – or business owner – at risk should something go wrong. Because we don’t require securities against your export invoices, you have access to unrestricted capital, with no risk to your business or personal assets.

Zero Risk of Bad Debt

The ‘unknown entity’ of an overseas customer is a risk that puts many business owners off exporting. We remove that risk. So if your customer can’t pay, you’ll still receive the agreed payment on your invoice.

No Tie-Ins

You may not need to use us for every export invoice you send. We understand this, so we are flexible in line with your needs. We don’t tie you in to a long-term contract, or specify a minimum number of invoices you have to sell us. Simply use us as and when you need us to avoid the cash flow hold up exporting can cause and keep your business moving.

Increased Working Capital

The relief of being able to pay your bills on time, or the increased buying power to grow your business faster and further. Whatever increased working capital means for your business, knowing you have quick, risk free access to the money you need gives you the confidence to make the big decisions.

There’s a World of new Business out There

We’d love to help your business make the most of new opportunities overseas. If you are exporting goods or services and are looking for a flexible finance partner to help you on the way, get in touch today.