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Select Your Invoice

Select an Invoice that you've issued to one of your customers. (Minimum £5,000)


Complete the Application

If it’s your first time using us, you’ll be asked to complete a short online application form. This takes a maximum of three days to process.
(Good news: After you’ve used us once, you can skip this step and go straight to our online Hexagon system to submit your invoice)


Get Approved

We use our sophisticated, 6-step process to carry out our due diligence. In most cases, we’re able to complete the necessary work in less than 24 hours. It’s that simple.


Receive Payment

We’ll pay up to 80% of your invoice. Once your client settles the invoice with us, we’ll pay you the remainder, minus our charge.


The first time you use us, we’ll ask you to fill in a short online application form. This will take us a maximum of three days to process. Our streamlined process means that our checks can be carried out far more efficiently than the process undertaken by the banks or other lenders.

Due Diligence

Because we don’t carry out the same lengthy credit checks as a bank or other lender might, we’ll only ask for a few basic details about your business. The decision is made using our sophisticated 6-step due diligence process, and it is the status of the invoice that is the primary factor in determining whether we can release your capital. Typically this takes 24 hours.


During this process, we calculate how much of your invoice we are able to pay and what our fees will be. Subject to everything being approved, we are able to fund up to 80% of your invoice. Our charge will depend upon the size of your invoice and your payment terms, but typically start at 5% of the invoice value.

Offer and Payment

Once everything has been calculated, you will sign the Offer to Sell document online. This is a short agreement detailing our charge and payment terms. Your customer will be informed that we have purchased the invoice and instructed to make their payment to us. The agreed percentage (eg 80%) will then be paid into your business account.

Payment of Balance

When your customer pays the invoice, we’ll pay the balance to you (eg 20%) less our charge.

We clear your invoices to give you a quick boost of capital when you need it most. That’s it.

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